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The Testing Couch evolved from discussion between me and Micheal Corum, we accidentally on purpose got other people involved with our discussions. Out of that the Testing Couch was born, Michael coined the hash tag #testingcouch, and after two sessions we (I) failed to continue.

Everyone and anyone who is interested in testing and want’s to improve their craft is welcome to join these sessions.

These sessions are managed following the Paul Holland facilitation model slightly modified for a chat session on Skype.

If you want to join in, add me on Skype: stephenblower65.

Testing Couch: 05 : Pairing

Date: 18/11/2014 20:00 hrs GMT

Toby Sinclair is talking at Agile Testing days on this topic, titled “PRACTICAL TIPS FOR PAIRING WITH A DEVELOPER TO TEST.” He also has a blog post on this topic. So this evening we’ll deep dive in to the pro’s and con’s of pairing.

In this session we’re going to discuss Pairing. I’ve specifically not said “Pair Testing” as I want to discuss other aspects of pairing, and not just limit it to testers pairing. In my experience it was something I thought as being advantageous, however I had difficulty at the start convincing others likewise. Pairing isn’t started and maintained by just saying “hey lets pair today”. Pairing is more than just two people sitting together testing, programming or understanding requirements, it’s about challenging each other to think. To think about the what and the whys, to think about what else, to think about how can I improve.

  • Some questions that we’ll discuss are;
    • Why should we pair?
    • What hurdles do people need to overcome?
    • How often do you pair?
    • Who do you pair with?
    • Is pairing cost effective?

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Rules for Facilitated Skype Chat:

I record the sessions and publish them, so if you object then I’d suggest two things, don’t talk and just listen, or bail. :) Thanks.

As we are going to be talking on Skype we need to have some control.

Therefore the sessions are facilitated in this way: When you want to talk you’ll need to signal that by inserting one the smileys below.

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