Sheffield Test Gathering: Event 8

Sheffield Test Gathering LogoSheffield Test Gathering: Event 8

Date: 25th March 2014 events #sheftest

Venue :  Showroom Cinema

Talk 1:

By Daniel Billing

For me, being a tester is as much about learning new skills and ways of working as it is creating great products and services for customers as part of a great development team. After more than ten years as a tester, and a period where I really didn’t know where my career was going, I’d like to talk about how security testing has reinvigorated my love for testing by introducing me to new ideas, techniques and possibilities. I’d also like to demonstrate how I approach security testing in my day to day work, making what appears to be a dark art much more accessible for technical testers who aren’t penetration testing experts.

Talk 2:

By Peter Nairm

This presentation came out of a set of discussions with a fellow tester which spanned over a year. We discussed what makes a “good” tester and came up with our definition of what makes an “ideal” tester.

The concept of an ideal tester is to identify the key properties that we look for in the people in our test group, what qualities and skills are important to success and to enable us to focus on the training and coaching needs of each and every tester within the group..

Everyone’s idea of the ideal tester is going to be different, this is our view, yours may be different.

This presentation, and the ideas behind it, has been used to assist in identifying skill gaps in testers and to assist recruitment agencies in telling them what it is I am looking for in a tester”


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