Sheffield Test Gathering: Event 6

Sheffield Test Gathering LogoSheffield Test Gathering: Event 6

Date: 12th November 2013 events #sheftest

Venue : Rutland Arms



Talk 1: 

Stress, Anxiety & Depression in IT, how it affects you & what to do about it.
By Stuart Grimshaw, @Stubbs
Stress, Anxiety & Depression are all too common in IT, they’re 3 sides of the same coin and all largely ignored. It affects our ability to function as an effective engineer and ultimately affects our relationships with colleagues, friends & family.

This presentation will not cure your stress, but it will show you the symptoms and outline where to get help. It will show you how those symptoms affect you & it will show what that help entails for the vast majority of people & put your mind at ease that going for help is easy, painless and only has good side effects.

Stress is a huge problem in IT, engineers are put under pressure from all angles and many don’t recognise the symptoms.

Short term it affects their ability to do their job, medium term if affects their health and relationships with everyone around them and left untreated could lead to physical harm or worse.

I’d like the opportunity to share my experience of many years of not coping with depression and share how I finally managed to get it under control with the help of my GP & other professionals without resorting to the drugs most people assume are the cure.

Talk 2: 

Ian Mc @WhyAyeMac and Paul Berry @pmberry2007

Paired Testing, what is it and how does it help testers improve their testing? Along with a role play session showing the process in action.

I’m also looking for Sponsorship for this event, contact me if you’d like to support.

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