Sheffield Test Gathering: Event 5

Sheffield Test Gathering LogoSheffield Test Gathering: Event 5

Date: 1st October 2013 events #sheftest

Venue : Access Space, Sheffield



Get Ready To Test:

Based on the WeekNight Testing events run by the Weekend Testing Group we will be running a live testing session.

All we ask is that you bring your laptop and energy to test, question, learn, and discuss about testing.

The session facilitator Daniel Shooter-Smith, will announce a testing challenge which is time boxed for an hour. Testers then have the freedom to pair up with other testers or work on their own to meet the challenge.

Testers can also use any test tools, strategies or ideas to accomplish the challenge. Just stay away from NDA.

At the end of the hour we take a 10 min break and jump into a discussion session (debriefing) for the next hour to share our test ideas, assumptions, tools used, strategy chosen to meet the challenge.

Everyone is encouraged to challenge each other in a healthy way, we look forward to seeing you there.


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