Sheffield Test Gathering: Event 1

Sheffield Test Gathering

Sheffield Test Gathering: Inaugural Event

This session is a general ‘find out who’s out there’. We’ll test the idea of a testing club, talk about what we may want to cover in future sessions, and work out what happens next.

Come and meet other software testers, developers, user experience professionals and others involved in the area.

But Now.

The above is how it started, however now we have speakers and sponsors:

Paul Berry: Who will be delivering a lightning talk on “The Five Myths of Testing.”


Iain Mc who will be showing us how to use SubSteps a BDD extension to Cucumber.

If you’re interested in joining us please book here.

This Event is being sponsored by James Aspinall

James Aspinall

James is kindly putting on food for all attendees: James specialises purely in Testing from a recruitment point of view. He spends a lot of time reading and learning about changes and breakthroughs in the Testing Field expanding his understanding of testing skills without the practical hands on experience. You could call him a “Theoretical Tester”, a Tester with no Testing experience.

Who will also be talking, Oh no a recruiter talking, but this will be interesting. James will drawing on some of Cem Kaners ideas, Myth busting surrounding Recruitment, “A Day in the Life of a Specialist”

The Event: Storified:

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