Historical Presentations & Publications

Historical Publications and Presentations with slides, videos and supporting material.


June 3 2013: Maigi-Do School of Testing17 Years Testing Experience Means Diddly-Squat without Challenges.

August 26 2013: Ministry Of TestingThe New Kid on the Block

July 22 2014: Ministry Of TestingWhy Didn’t You Find That Bug?


March 22 2013: Test Bash 2.0: 99 Second Talk

March 28 2013: Founded Sheffield Test Gathering, see events pages for details of each gathering

May 16 2013: Romanian Testing Conference: QA is Broken, Fix it!

June 22 2013: MEWT – Midlands Exploratory Workshop in Testing: Increasing Tester Influence: Lighting Talk

March 28 2014: Test Bash 3.0: Inspiring Testers, video below

May 16 2013: Romanian Testing Conference: Workshop with Simon Knight Details here:  Keeping It Real – or, How to Deliver High Impact, Low Cost Testing

Test Bash 2013: March 22 2013

Test Bash 2013 was a one day affordable software testing conference in Brighton on Friday March 22nd 2013. This was my first opportunity to talk about testing in front of an audience, video of my 99 second talk is shown here: I’m at 3 minutes precisely.

Sheffield Test Gathering: Founded March 28 2013

I created the first Sheffield Test Gathering all events are documented here. This is a six weekly regular event for local testers to share their testing experiences and learn from one another. I’ve delivered two talks at this event and I’ve had many others actively taking part.

Romanian Testing Conference: May 16 2013

Romanian Testing Conference Presentations

Romanian Testing Community has been created as a reference point for the software testers who want to share and debate ideas and personal experiences related to their common interest, testing or Quality Assurance. This was my first opportunity to deliver a presentation, a 50 minutes talk titled QA is Broken, Fix it! thanks to the organisers for making it happen.

I blogged about my first presentation experience here, which also contains the slide deck for the presentation.

Winning Entry for EuroStar Conferences: May 31 2013

Gothenburg in 60 Seconds competition: To enter the competition the finalists had to make a video about why they wanted to attend this year’s EuroSTAR Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden this November. This was my entry which won 3rd place and 2 1/2 days free conference tickets.

MEWT – Midlands Exploratory Workshop in Testing: June 22 2013

This was the first Midlands peer group testing day, where we explored the theme of Increasing Tester Influence, for which I delivered a 10 minute lightning talk based on this blog post: Testers: Stop moaning and prove your worth.

Test Bash 3: March 28 2014

Abstract Details here: Inspiring Testers

Inspiring Testers:

Romanian Testing Conference: May 16 2014

Workshop Details here:  Keeping It Real – or, How to Deliver High Impact, Low Cost Testing


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