Disclaimer: All views expressed within these pages are mine and mine alone and based on my personal opinion. They should not be taken in any way as representing any other person, organisation, or entity.

This opinion can and will change over time, so in no way can a previous blog, article or spewing of thoughts be used to counter my current point of view, we all change.

Any comments made by any third party, (assuming I ever get comments), are their comments for which I have no responsibility for. If a link supplied by any third party takes you to any malicious, crude or unsavoury site, although I may feel your grief I will however not be held responsible for damage to either equipment or your sanity.

Furthermore, this is a blog about how I personally view the world and as such accuracy is not its purpose. The stimulation of discussion is however encouraged whether you agree or completely disagree with what I have written about on that particular day.

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